October 30th 2020, Update on COVID-19

 An important update from us.

An Update from us on COVID-19

Just a quick update to let you know that we understand that the Governor
is supposed to be coming out with some new guidance around visitation in
nursing homes and assisted livings. She indicated this in her update on
Friday 10/30. We have not received any news as of this writing but
anticipate some new rules in the next few days.

Additionally we wanted to share that we have had another individual come
back positive so our current positive cases are 3 with 9 cumulative
cases since April. All of the current cases are staff members that are
quarantining at home, this most recent case was asymptomatic and was
discovered through our weekly surveillance testing. I know you join me
in hoping they all get well soon and are able to return to work quickly.


Mary Beth Daigneault

                 St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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