January 21st 2021 – An Update on COVID-19

An important update from us.

An Update from us on COVID-19

A quick update before the week is gone. Our testing from last Friday has
come back and we have no new positive cases. We tested 201 staff and
residents and are so happy to be able to report these results! Therefore
we have reopened to visitation.

Zoe at the front desk has been reaching out, first, to families who had
their visits cancelled due to the increase in positives so that they
could be rescheduled. She is now able to make appointments for all
except those that remain in quarantine, ie newly admitted residents and
those that live in the memory care Assisted Living household. If our
tests this week come back negative again, this household will be off of
quarantine starting January 24.

A reminder that when you come in to visit, masks are mandatory for your
entire visit, as well as social distancing. Also, there is still
guidance that visitors must be over the age of 18. Anyone who is unwell
or cannot abide by these guidelines will not be able to visit. We
continue to clean in between each visit and require that you be screened
and use alcohol hand gel prior to and after your visit with your loved

We have 2 vaccine clinics next week. The Assisted Living is scheduled to
receive their 1st dose on Wednesday the 27th and the Skilled Nursing
Facility will receive their second dose on Friday the 29th. We are on
track to have 100% of the skilled nursing residents vaccinated!

Please stay well!


Mary Beth Daigneault
St. Clare-Newport

                 St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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