January 14th – An Update on COVID-19

An important update from us.

An Update from us on COVID-19

Good afternoon all,

I know many of you are anxious to hear an update from us, but I try to
be careful not to overload you with letters that have nothing new to
say. Therefore let me share with you our current status as well as a bit
of information about the vaccinations with you.

It appears we are trending in the right direction! Thank goodness! We
tested all residents in both the Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing
facility and the Adult Day Care. We also tested all staff. We had NO NEW
POSITIVES!!! We however, are not out of the woods yet. The Memory Care
household in assisted living remains on quarantine through January 23
according to RIDOH and CDC guidelines. The rest of the facility however
may resume communal dining and activities.

We will conduct this week’s testing, again for all residents and staff
and should these come back negative we will open up visitation for the
skilled nursing facility and the traditional assisted living starting
Tuesday of next week. If there are no new positives in the memory care
assisted living, we will resume visitation there only on January 24.
Please pray that all goes well!

As far as vaccinations are concerned, the skilled nursing facility
residents received their first dose of the vaccine on January 8. We were
able to administer the vaccine to 45 out of 50 (90%) residents. We also
vaccinated 54 out of 120 (45%) staff. Our next clinic is scheduled for
January 29th, where these individuals will receive their second dose of
the vaccine, and others who did not receive it will get their first dose
at that point. For the assisted living residents, we have been given a
tentative first clinic date of January 27. We hope to be able to
administer the vaccine to 100% of those that are able to receive it.

Many people have asked, if everyone is vaccinated will we be able to go
back to normal. The answer to this is “not yet”, and likely there will
have to be a new definition for “normal”. This virus has had us all
jumping since March and with the new strains that are being discovered,
it seems it will have us jumping well into the new year. We will still
have to wear our masks, maintain social distance and practice very good
hand hygiene, regardless of whether or not we have all received the
vaccine. The vaccine is not 100% effective and we don’t know who is in
that 5%. None of us want to be the one that carries the virus to one of
the 5% or an unvaccinated individual. So prudence is key.

St. Clare has not yet developed policies for the essential caregiver
program, and hopefully with visitation back in place, this will not be
necessary. We will continue to review this and consider it however.

Please continue to be patient with us as we navigate these unchartered
waters and stay well yourself.


Mary Beth Daigneault
St. Clare-Newport

                 St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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