December 4 2020 – An Update on COVID-19

An important update from us.

An Update from us on COVID-19

Good afternoon all.

I wanted to share with you changes at the facility during the “pause”.
At present, as you are unfortunately well aware, there is no visitation
unless it is a compassion visit. Additionally, all appointments, unless
medically necessary, have been postponed, finally their is no
hairdressing. We continue to offer the facetime/zoom visits. I would
remind you that we are trying to entertain all of the requests, but
sometimes scheduling these gets to be quite difficult as we have close
to 100 individuals living here. Please understand that sometimes we just
cannot do multiple calls per week or what you might consider the perfect

I also need to share that we have one staff person currently that has
tested positive for COVID 19 on a rapid POC test. We are awaiting their
antigen test results.. They did work in the building over the last two
weeks and developed symptoms yesterday. In accordance with guidelines,
we are monitoring all residents for signs and symptoms and taking their
vital signs multiple times per day. We have also notified the RIDOH and
will work with them around other precautions/testing etc. The staff that
had previously been positive, have all recovered and are back to work
without further issues.

We continue to conduct routine surveillance testing of all staff. This
testing is offered weekly and is required to be done every 14 days. We
have also been notified that surveillance testing of residents will once
again resume. This will be a swab of the anterior nares, rather than the
pharyngeal swab, so the residents should be much more comfortable with

We have started to review the State’s vaccination plan and will be
working with CVS once the vaccine is available. We will be sending to
responsible parties in the coming weeks, the information, FAQs and
consent forms. It is anticipated that residents in congregate care
settings such as ours and healthcare workers and first responders will
be the first to receive the vaccine. We will do everything we can to
answer your questions as they arise.

We continue to participate in various RIDOH teleconferences weekly,
listen to the Governor’s press conferences and participate in
educational programs all geared towards COVID-19, and while exhausting,
it is good to know that the vaccine is on its way.

These next several weeks will be challenging as the numbers continue to
rise. I pray that you stay well and we will continue to work to keep
your family members happy, healthy and safe.


Mary Beth Daigneault
St Clare-Newport [1]

                 St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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