February 13th 2021 – An Update from us on COVID-19

 An important update from us.

An Update from us on COVID-19

Good evening,

We have continued to conduct weekly testing, and this week, while we
still have a few results pending, I must tell you that we have 2 new
positive cases amongst our residents/clients.

We have notified their families and all that have been in contact with
them in the last 14 days. We have also notified the RI Department of

We will be closing to visitation for all areas of the facility, this
includes all routine visits, outpatient rehab, hospice, non essential
medical appointments and essential caregiver visits. This is out of an
abundance of caution so that we can limit the spread of this virus.

We will await guidance from the RI Department of Health as to when we
will test next, generally, with any new case identification, it would be
within 3-7 days of the positive test, so this would be Monday at the
earliest. We will need to have all negative tests for the next 14 days
before we can reopen.. If this guidance changes at all, as we know some
things have over the course of this pandemic, I will be sure to let you
know. In the meantime, rest assured we will be cleaning and following
all proper protocols in order to keep your loved ones safe.

We will still have our 2nd clinic for the assisted living and the third
for the skilled nursing facility next week as scheduled.

Be well and Happy Valentines….Love your family and friends.


Mary Beth Daigneault
St. Clare-Newport

                 St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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