An Update from us on COVID-19

Our current numbers effective as of Sunday 11/20/2020 for both residents and staff are:

Current Positive Cases:                        0
Current Suspected Cases:                   1
Total Cumulative Cases:                       9

We wanted to share a brief update as to how things are going at St. Clare-Newport.

We remain at Visitation Level 3: NO VISITATION. I am sure you have heard the Governor indicate that the State of RI is moving to Phase 3 of reopening, sometime near the beginning of July. As yet we have not heard WHEN in Phase 3 we will be able to offer visitation, but we do have the guidance from RIDOH on HOW we will have to operate in order to do so. We have submitted our plan to RIDOH for their review and will be sending out in the US Mail to all family members on record the exact plan that we have been working on. Below, you can find in short the rules around visitation at St. Clare, ONCE IT BEGINS:

You can find in short the rules around visitation at St. Clare, ONCE IT BEGINS:

  • Visitation will be Monday-Friday 10a-4p;
  • All residents shall be able to have one visit per week for 45 minutes;
  • All visits must be scheduled in advance;
  • All visitors must provide and wear a mask for the entire visit, St. Clare will provide other necessary PPE;
  • All visitors must be screened for symptoms, travel and temperature;
  • All visitors must wash their hands prior to and upon the end of the visit, and staff need to witness this;
  • Staff must escort the visitor to the visitation space that has been identified;
  • The visit must be supervised for proper social distancing;
  • All visits will occur outside unless the resident is unable to leave their room. In the event of inclement weather, visits will be rescheduled;
  • If visits occur in the resident room, no more than one person can visit, if it occurs outside, 2 people may visit;
  • High touch surfaces as well as seating must be cleaned between each visit;
  • Visitors should monitor themselves for signs and symptoms of COVID19 and inform the facility immediately if they develop any.

We would like to be able to have residents visited more frequently, obviously however, with the requirements that are necessary, it will be a challenge to offer it even in this limited way. Rest assured, when the requirements are relaxed, we will be sure to let you know.

We also have received guidance on relaxing communal dining and activities restrictions for our assisted living. We are working through these now, developing policies, educating the staff and residents and hope to be able to put these in place by midweek. We understand that we should be seeing guidance for these same topics for the nursing home this week.

The staff remain vigilant and upbeat . Rules continue to change along the way and they are working hard to remain flexible and positive. Your support is so valuable and we appreciate how hard this time is for you. We have been diligent in carrying out our new duties and it remains reflected in our numbers. Effective as of Sunday 11/20/2020  our numbers are :

Current Positive Cases: 0
Current Suspected Cases: 1

Total Cumulative Cases: 9

We begin Surveillance Testing Round 6 of staff on Friday 6/26/2020. We no longer are required to perform weekly testing on residents unless we start to see actual cases!
Please check out our website, we continue to update our COVID19 data here weekly, and will post the visitation information there as well, once it begins.

Until we see you again…be well and God Bless!

COVID-19 Campaign Response

Dear Mary Beth Daigneault,

Your campaign ‘Our response to COVID-19’ was sent on 7/19/2020 around
3:44 PM EDT.

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Subject: Our response to COVID-19

An important update from us. An Update from us on COVID-19.

Good afternoon all,

I am happy to share that we are again able to reopen to visitation! We
have been informed that our one positive employee is indeed negative.
Unfortunately their test was one of the many that was part of the East
Side Clinical Laboratory event that was reported on Friday. Please see
this turnto10 story [2] for more details. In addition, to the original
swab being retested, another swab was performed and it too tested

Simultaneous to this occurring, however, we sent out two samples on
suspected positive individuals, that have today come back as negative.
Because we were awaiting these results we did not notify anyone of the
potential for reopening sooner.

Emily will be reaching out to resident families that have not yet had a
visit, starting Monday morning. Please be patient as she tries to get
through all of these calls. Also, a gentle reminder, that these visits
are not meant for every family member to take turns coming in, but for
the primary caregiver. It remains important that we keep the number of
exposures limited as this pandemic continues.


Mary Beth Daigneault
St. Clare-Newport
St. Clare-Newport | 309 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840

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